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Arrayit Corporation (ARYC)
ARYC utilizes its patented and proprietary microarray platform to lead and empower the genetic, research, pharmaceutical, and diagnostic communities through the discovery, development and manufacture of proprietary life science technologies and consumables for disease prevention, treatment, and care. 
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Axxess Pharma Inc. (AXXE)

AXXE is specialty health care products company dedicated to improving health and quality of life by offering select medicines, nutritional supplements and over the counter remedies all across the Americas.
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Beamz Interactive Inc. - BZIC

Based in Scottsdale, AZ, Beamz Interactive, Inc. (OTCQB: BZIC) has created state-of-the-art interactive laser controller technology that can be used to develop new market opportunities in a wide variety of music, education, healthcare, gaming and consumer applications.

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GreeneStone Healthcare Corporation - GRST
GRST operates medical and healthcare clinics in Ontario, Canada offering various medical services, including addiction treatment, endoscopy, minor cosmetic procedures and executive health care services.
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ITEC Solutions Inc. 
ITEC Solutions Inc. is a fully integrated project finance management and services consulting company working on a variety of projects in the natural resources sector. 
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Kinbasha Gaming International, Inc. - KNBA
KNBA is a retail gaming company that operates 21 pachinko parlors in the Japanese prefectures of Ibaraki, Tokyo and Chiba. 
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One Step Vending Corp. - KOSK
One Step Vending Corp. is a holding company focused on the acquisitions of market-changing and disruptive business models.
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Staffing 360 Solutions, Inc. - STAF
STAF is engaged in the acquisition of domestic and international staffing organizations with operations in the U.S., Europe, and India. 
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Other Experience:
An emerging growth, high-performance provider of advanced IT solutions with a commitment to the proactive optimization of clients' operations.

A company engaged in the production, manufacturing and distribution of herbal pharmaceuticals based on Traditional Chinese Medicine in China.

A worldwide leader in the design, development, manufacturing, and sale of USB powered mobile page-fed document capture solutions. Its vertical integration and innovative proprietary system development kits allow for a broad range of applications, faster time-to-market and ease of integration for its customers.

A green IT company that supplies mid-sized and select enterprises and institutions with leading-edge IT solutions in the fields of virtualization, cloud computing and data management, as well as working with utilities and other institutions to transform the electric grid through digital technologies.

A company focused on the farming of whole fruits, vegetables, and live plant material and the production of proprietary functional foods and botanical extracts for the health and wellness industry.

A global shipping company with a fleet of 11 Company-owned vessels, mainly in the handysize and supramax category, engaged in ocean transportation of dry bulk cargoes and chartering brokerage services worldwide.   

Company that designs, develops and manufactures fuel injection pumps, injectors, multi-cylinder diesel enginers and small generator units mainly in the People's Republic of China. 

Provider of industry-leading, interactive data visualization software and solutions that helps businesses, scientific and engineering users gain critical insight from all types of data.

Developer of adult stem cell therapeutic products derived from autologous bone marrow cells for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases.  

Provider of software and technology solutions to public sector markets.

Provider of an in-location TV network designed to deliver content and targeted advertising within the convenience store industry.

Produced and distributor of high quality children and family entertainment for the motion picture, television, DVD and online markets.

International telecom operator and enabler to the multimedia industry by facilitating the distribution of all forms of content as well as mobile and fixed telecom services to global telecommunications consumers.

A video technology company that provides best-in-breed Online Video Platform, Online Video Advertising Network and video production.   

Producer of a variety of household appliances, including stainless steel ovens and grills, gas and electric heaters, water pumps, ceiling and table fans, LED, decorative and energy-saving lamps.

Manufacturer and marketer  of storage solutions and on-line cloud computing application services. Its customer base includes U.S. government agencies, enterprise companies, and small to medium sized businesses (SMB).

Provider of patent-pending, three-tiered comprehensive monitoring, detection and resolution for identity theft

Online services, automated tools, support and education that enable everyday people to created additional cash resources, eliminate debt, and build financial independence. 

Established leader in community based wind development, with 117 MW of power developed to date and 425 MW in various stages of development.   

Developer and distributor of products for the nutritionally at risk who are under medical supervision. Its products are used primarily in long-term care facilities, hospitals, dialysis clinics and bariatric clinics.

Next generation developer of fully biocompatible coatings for passive and drug-eluting applications on cardiovascular stents and other drug delivery systems.

Biotech engaged in the development of stem cell-based therapies and building of a network of adult stem cell collection centers in the U.S. and China that are focused on enabling people to donate and store their own (autologous) stem cells for their personal use in times of future medical need. NeoStem's majority-controlled Chinese pharmaceutical operation, Suzhou Erye, manufactures and distributes generic antibiotics in China.

Developer and marketer of proprietary, patent-pending healthy alternative sweeteners, food and beverage products. The common ingredient for all of the Company’s products is its SUSTA™ Natural Sweetener, a minimal calorie, all-natural, nutritional sweetening system.

A a licensing and development company focused in two segments - geothermal power generation, and improving the efficiency of motors used in industrial and transportation applications.  RZ was previously covered on behalf of Objective Equity LLC.

Developer of global renewable energy company focused on producing cellulosic ethanol from waste or biomass utilizing a 2-stage dilute acid hydrolysis process.

A junior resource production company specializing in gold and silver properties.   

Developer and publishes interactive entertainment software across all major genres.  SOPK games are sold through retail outlets across North America, Europe, Australia and Asia. 

Provider of high performance and cost-effective LED and traditional lighting solutions to residential, commercial and governmental clients in
Taiwan and has begun expanding distribution throughout Southeast Asia. 

A leading structural solution provider of cost-effective alternative infrastructure and building products made from 100% recycled consumer and industrial plastics and resulting in strong, durable, flexible, low-maintenance products.

Market Commentaries:

The Demand Response Opportunity - It's Electric:  Overview of U.S. electrical power generation, transmission, expected future power requirement and demand response as an economical and immediately viable strategy for reducing the need for new power plants.

Global Energy Demand, Biodiesel and Palm Oil:  Overview of the long-term demand trend for transportation fuel and the opportunity for biodiesel produced with various feedstocks including palm oil.

Overview of the Mortgage REIT Sector:  Presentation of the basics, risks, mechanics of Mortgage REIT's.

Biodiesel Production and Demand:  Overview of biodiesel production, demand, pricing, incentives, performance relative to alternative fuels and processor market.